Senior Project Manager

Khedidja Ouheb has 14+ years of experience in organizational design, program management, and Social Impact strategies. Khedidja is a creative visionary and strategic thinker who is passionate about organizational and leadership development and committed to the study of organizations and how they should find new ways of solving problems. For over 10 years, Khedidja managed multi-billion-dollar investment projects and supported collaborative initiatives between subcontractors, stakeholders, high-profile clients, and other program divisions. Khedidja has an Executive Master’s Degree in Global Business Management and excels at generating business growth and supporting teams, building networks, advising projects to help lead the way to implement social responsibility and sustainable practices.
She has helped various global organizations and corporations achieve results in organizational development and change management initiatives. She is skilled in business growth strategies, developing strategic partnership relationships, operations, leading cross-functional teams, and workload by promoting professional service excellence to increase value. Her professional interests lie at the intersection of adaptive leadership and change management, global development and continuously seeking innovative ways of solving social problems.