Founder & CEO

Mohanad Alsaid is the Founder & CEO of Alsaid Foundation. Since its inception in 2019, Mohanad has grown Alsaid Foundation into a reputable and impactful Nonprofit organization dedicated to continuous education and youth development for positive social impact. Prior to establishing Alsaid Foundation, Mohanad spent six years working with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals holding the United Nations Youth Representative position. He also took part in the Costa Rica Permanent Mission while with the United Nations and worked closely with Former Foreign Minister of Yemen Khaled al-Yamani. Additionally, Mohanad worked with the International Rescue Committee.
Outside of Alsaid Foundation, Mohanad is active in politics, focusing on issue advocacy by establishing a mentoring platform for young professionals interested in political involvement. His interests, both personally and professionally, include responding to issues within economic opportunity, counter extremism, and entrepreneurship. Mohanad is a youth advisor and currently a Term Member of the United Nations Foundation. He is also a member of both the World Economic Forum, and the Concordia Summit.