Founder's Message

What we aspire to do through Alsaid Foundation is to take initiatives, encourage innovation, and, in turn, encourage full participation of Youth in Decision-making as key factor to economic and social improvements.

What We Do?

Education Research and Workshops

we conduct research and workshops to better understand the youth problems and uncover their needs and challenges using hands on experience and innovative approaches that puts the youth at the heart of what we do.
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Informing the dialogue on policies

Our efforts aaims at generating rigourous and evidence based research to inform policy makers on the needs of the youth to improve youth career and professional development outcomes and help them thrive in the society.
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Create a platform for global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world. The Alsaid Forum promotes the interchange of ideas, discourse, policy making, and action oriented recommendations. In a world where borders are porous, our challenges and solutions are also interlinked.
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Startups Incubator

Work with local communities and other partners across the globe to help bring ideas to life by providing coaching and work hands on to build your business model or prototype design of your product.
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a complete digital library that contains more than 13 thousand books from various topics accessible for free by everyone
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